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who is this guy ?

Hi, thank you for being here and welcome to my little treehouse.
My name is Zied, i am a web programmer and designer with an university degree in new technologies, programming and security of computer systems. I was born and I live in Tunis, Tunisia.
In an age of digital I spent several years to master the art of design in addition to my basic training, because i believe that bringing design to life with code is crucial.
Today I am specialized in a multi-disciplined approach to my work incorporating design and programing, two elements that i master with ease and i still evolving.
fresh ideas, for you. That’s what i will offer to you in addition to HIGH QUALITY programming algorithms and unique design.
Be nice take a tower and let me know about every single note so that we can move together and touch the stars.
My invention of ‘photosensitive glass‘ awarded best scientific invention in North Africa for 2012 by the largest Arab science show 'Stars of Science'.


Building in most cases my own functions and classes, i am particularly comfortable with all most known javascript and php frameworks, such as Zend, Symfony or Laravel ( for php ) - Angular Js or React JS ( for javascript ).
I am the kind of guy who like to take control of what he is building that is why i mostly use library instead of frameworks according to the fact that 'you call a library but a framework call you!', i believe that inversion of Control is a key part of what makes a framework different from a library.
  • Algorithmie 98%
  • PHP (since V 4.4.0) 88% evolving...
  • XML/HTML/HTML5 92% evolving...
  • CCS2/CSS3 85% evolving...
  • JavaScript/jQuery 92% evolving...
  • MySQL 85% evolving...
  • PhpMyAdmin 88% evolving...
  • Adobe Flash AS3 Coding 55% evolving...
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4/5/6/CC 78% evolving...
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4/5/6/CC 75% evolving...
  • Wordpress CMS 85% evolving...
  • Joomla CMS 78% evolving...
  • Opencart CMS 75% evolving...

My latest Realizations

My work steps are:
  1. - Listen carefully and understand the task
  2. - Conceive the most suitable solution to the client needs
  3. - Make a unique graphic design
  4. - Build a clean code
  5. - Test with the client
  6. - Confirm the client satisfaction
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